Fire Browse Beta API Retrieve all thresholded by genes Gistic2 results.

Fire Browse - Retrieve all thresholded by genes Gistic2 results.

This service provides access to the Gistic2 all_thresholded_by_genes.txt output data. A gene-level table of discrete amplification and deletion indicators for all samples. A table value of 0 means no amplification or deletion above the threshold. Amplifications are positive numbers: 1 means amplification above the amplification threshold; 2 means amplifications larger to the arm level amplifications observed for the sample. Deletions are represented by negative table values: -1 represents deletion beyond the threshold; -2 means deletions greater than the minimum arm-level deletion observed for the sample. Results maybe filtered by cohort, gene or barcode, but at least one gene or barcode must be supplied.

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curl -v "{streamdata_token}&cohort={field_value}&format={field_value}&gene={field_value}&page={field_value}&page_size={field_value}&sort_by={field_value}&tcga_participant_barcode={field_value}"

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